Friday, January 23, 2009

Blogger to Wordpress Migration

This is my final post in Blogger. I have migrated the blog to Wordpress.

Please catch up more updates at

I will NOT be updating this blog anymore. Thanks.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

create your own twitter client

I this video somewhere...

You can create a twitter mobile widget by drag and drop :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

GridMACD FOREX Algorithm Explored for Meta Trader

Ive been lost in GridMACD Forex trading algorithm and I tried to explore it more and more.

Then I just came across this wonderful flowchart.

Then I came across someone who added another logic to enhance it for better performance. (none other than my brother Johan from Indonesia!)

Will someone be interested to write an OPEN SOURCE version until I write it?

Click on the image for a larger view

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Barcamp Pune 5

I'm going to speak at Barcamp Pune 5.

I will be talking about a framework on mobile phones and the topic is:
Building Enterprise Mobile applications without programming.

Some interesting topics I'd like to listen to:

Microsoft Windows Mobile Development - Mayur Tendulkar
Rapid Robotics Development using Microsoft Robotics Studio - Nikhil Dandeker
Mobility application development with moblin - Sachin Kelkar Intel
Performance Tunning on Application Server -Tara Lodh

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Yes I'm lazy

I'm known to be a lazy person. The whole world tells me, I tell myself. But what to do.

Here are some TOP secrets to cope up with my lazy attitude while running an enterprise solution..

1) I don't re-invent the wheel. I use what is available. 'Google it' is my favorite dialogue. People misunderstand this with lack of creativity but whats so wise in doing something already done!

2) Use open source. I just love open source. Everyone who believes in open source are my team mates.

3) Automate. This is perhaps my one word advice to ALL. Try to automate everything. Try to make it "one touch and done". (If I could, I would have automated something to scratch my back...ha ha ha .. ok back to serious stuff)

4) Plan to be lazy from the start: Always design to scale and make it generic. Always think of huge numbers. Assume double the size of scale than the scope. Always make your designs generic to adapt to change at minimal cost and time factor. Some tips for young lazy enthusiasts.

5) Sometimes things may have to be manual, Use monitors - Open source monitoring tools are available at call. Use them. They are quite good.

6) Use schedulers. I must admit, many of my emails are just scheduled to send out automated replies. I just type them and choose date/time for sending. Let your clients feel you're there for them 24/7/366!

7) Test your apps. I believe in thorough testing and benchmarking. Believe me all the clients should know this. Don't release anything just for the sake of releasing, it has a bad impression about your quality of work even though you may have won the battle by delivering on time.

8) Communicate when needed -Here's another tip to be laze around. Communicate with the fastest channel. It may cost a bit, but it will buy you a lot of laziness to enjoy with! Trust me, it works...

9) Use the proper tools and technology. Don't pick up some xyz technology just because you know it. My experience says that its a mirage of laziness. If at a point your xyz technology is not suitable for the client, the client will take away your laziness..

10) Now that you have so much time to laze around, try to find more ways to be lazy..Facebook, orkut, You don't have to be so hard. Just laze around all the more...

Monday, October 20, 2008 Coding Standards: An Analysis

By Hussain Fakhruddin

Rediff has a lot of portals within its main portal.

This is how they organize their re-usable code.

The first thing I did is logged on to:

I opened my Fire Fox’s Error Console and found this:

The next thing I did was to open up the source code:

I was shocked. I could really figure out that this type of code was

1) Written by just “Jugard” of code from their own paces here and there!

2) Not at all reviewed!

3) Done in haste to meet the deadlines!

I will put some screenshots to prove my point:(Please enlarge them as needed)

  1. Are these written by the same programmer?

Subsequent lines of code, but one in caps and other in small.
- Seems like they have just copied it from some previous page.

  1. Dirty CSS to look good? : Reuse of CSS codes, but not at all arranged in a proper manner. They are probably using the code which is lying here and there.

  1. Code lying here and there + insert what is needed and get the things done!

  1. JavaScript in the middle of an external CSS.
    Why not place it together along with the code above!

  1. Just Wow: Internal JS > CSS > External JS > Internal JS
    CSS surrounded between JavaScript and JavaScript surrounded between CSS!

  1. Where are your code conventions Mr. Rediff?
    See the CSS classname ‘Naming standards’

  1. Rediff’s way of importing external JS!

They are using JavaScript to import another JavaScript code!
Look carefully!

  1. Debugging debris remains…

  1. Reuse the code, but not in the same page man!
    I saw this CSS defined AGAIN somewhere below the code!
  2. What a waste of memory!
    Everything commented inside the function, what does this function do then?!

  1. Agreed we all use broadband, but what a waste of Bandwidth?

Why so many wide spaces!

Don’t you guys know browser ignores them but bandwidth network doesn’t!

  1. Broken Link

Wanna report?

  1. Total time over 512KBPS
    No comments!

  1. 19 Requests to the server! Woah!
    Thank you that I have an advance browser to do these for me!

  1. So many DNS resolutions
    My ISP might think I am doing a DNS attack!

16. Best of all:
Around 8 MB of Memory occupied by just 41KB of HTML code!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Life without Apache : Meritocracy in Action.

I am obsessed with Apache. Yes! I am and I am proud that I am!

I was just wondering how life would be WITHOUT Apache!

  • We would still be doing ASP. Many of us would have gone into ASPX and C#

  • CGI and PHP wouldn't have come out..

  • Total no. of websites in the world would be less. I don't know how much % but yes, it would surely be less.

  • There would all be Windows Hosting Services everywhere and the prices would be higher and higher...

  • Who can forget the popular Tomcat. Java wasn't open source before, other app servers were not that comfortable interms of price, simplicity and ease of use. Every newbie in JSP/Servlet starts with Tomcat. People crib that Tomcat doesn't have EJB, who needs EJB these days?

  • No Java projects would compile using Make, so Ant came it. Imagine how difficult life would be without ANT scripts.

  • MVC the most popular design pattern: Struts is the name you think of. If it weren't there, you'd still be writing your own servlets and JSP and controller logic.

  • Almost 80-90% of GOOD Java EE developers would use Apache Commons. I mean who doesn't use it?

  • Logging your application for debug and support, What would you do without Apache Logging Sevices

  • Forget all programming, there is still no comparision with Xerces for XML. I challenge.

  • Make your code as Webservice? No words about Axis, yet again apache product!

  • You want a middleware java messaging framework for your JMS? Use ActiveMQ

  • Object relation model: Try iBatis, you wont leave it again.

All in all, If there was no Apache, Life wouldn't have stopped but would have been SO SO damn difficult. My many many thanks to Apache...