Sunday, July 8, 2007

BarCampPune3 - My Slides

I gave a brief tutorial on How to make a Flash Widget

I also talked about my research topic on Mobile Navigation - Point and Locate buildings

Saturday, July 7, 2007

BarCampPune3- My Experiences

9:30: I am attending BarCampPune3 and am at Persistent Systems Pvt. Ltd. I got some cool logistics - Tshirt, pen , pad. I am also having breakfast! The weather is lovely!

The Barcamp Schedule

10:23: I am attending the first session by Rakesh Raju on
Feedback: This session was the first one and packed with people. Rakesh discussed about how he created a TV guide because India didn't have one which could crawl contents across 100+ channels daily!

The next session was on Micro$oft $ilverlight by Aditya Thatte. He talked about M$ answering to JRE and Flash plugins. $ilverlight is still novice and at least I am not going to move to it seeing the amount of code one has to write!

The next session was again by Rakesh Raju on 2D and 3D game development. He was talking more on what games his company had built rather than on the framework. Marketing might be the right word but I don't want to use it as he did show something in the end to develop a scenario out of Torque and TorqueScript! But still everything was pre-made and a person new to game development would never know how to get started.

13:52 After having attended three session, and a wonderful lunch. Right now I am all set to give my first talk of the day: Flash Widget Tutorial. Looking forward to see many questions!

There were a fewer questions than expected.

The next session I attended was of Abhijit: FaceBook and RoR. It was again a complete NO NO for novice on RoR. I am happy that I had worked with Facebook API for PHP before else RoR went above my head!! It was a good session otherwise.

The next session was again mine on Mobile Navigation and boy! I got so many queries. I am happy I got a new idea into people's mind!

I regret to have missed many sessions like:
How to start a company(I am sure Jatinder attended it and will blog on it).
IPR and Cyber Laws
Writing a Firefox addon by Vinod

I also missed Abdul Qabiz and I found that I wasn't the only guy who missed him!

Friday, July 6, 2007

BarCamp the night before

And so finally it comes - BarCampPune3.

My desktop is cleaned(less icons),
My wallpaper is set to its logo!
My Slides are almost done!

and I feel good about it!

There are some really cool sessions which I'm really looking forward to attend:

Wishlist includes:

MySQL using JRuby - Priyank Kapadia
Microsoft Silverlight, A new dimension to build rich UI applications by Aditya Thatte
Indian Technology Laws, Indian laws on cyberspace, copyright, trademark and patents by Gokul Narayan
Self Hosting - Is it the future ? by Milind Pandit

I'm disappointed I'll miss sessions by Abdul Qabiz. I don't know why he has cut his name!

So see you guys tomorrow at BarCampPune3!